Sunday, April 22, 2007

DANIEL STRAUSS vice-campeão em Inglaterra

Aluno do nosso amigo Nick Brooks em Inglaterra, Daniel Strauss fica em segundo lugar no UK Nationals UG Submission Grappling, na categoria adulto -67kg. Daniel foi um o principal parceiro de treino de João Santos durante a sua recente estadia em Londres a preparar-se para o PanAm 2007, onde foi peça chave na parte de submission grappling. Fica aqui o report do site :
"Uk Nationals Urban Gorillaz Submission Wrestling
16 year old Daniel Strauss fought excellently to win SILVER in the adult -67kg division, Winning his first 3 fights all by submission, Daniel started his 1st round fight by attacking with a flying armbar before switching to a triangle choke for a desicive submission victory, Daniels QuaterFinal fight started much the same way attacking immediatly with a flying armbar, his opponent managed to shake his arm loose as Daniel swithed to the X Guard transitioning to take his opponents back for a rear naked choke submission victory, In the Semi Final his opponent was very wary of Daniels attacking style of fighting and tried to keep everything tight, Daniel smoothly arm dragged his opponent into a single leg take down, After a brief exchange of leg lock attacks Daniel passed his opponents Guard and set up the arm bar for another submission victory, The final was a torrid affair of submission attacks and positional exchanges where daniel lost a close fought decision 9 - 6, When you consider Daniels young age (16) and fighting in the Adult division this really was a case of a boy amongst men, Which shows just what an outstanding performance this really was....................... In some ways too outstanding the organiser of the event had arranged a junior super fight between Daniel and a fighter from up north, but after watching Daniel destroy the adults he withdrew from the fight even though at 74kg he out weighed Daniel by 11 kg

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